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Monday, September 16, 2019

Alzheimer's Disease

Patients with Alzheimer disease most commonly present with insidiously progressive memory loss, to which other spheres of cognitive impairment are added over several years. After memory loss occurs, patients may also have language disorders (eg, anomia) and impairment in their visuospatial skills and executive functions.
The cause of Alzheimer disease is unknown. Several investigators now believe that converging risk factors, which include advancing age, lipoprotein E epsilon 4 genotype, obesity, insulin resistance, vascular factors, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and inflammatory markers trigger a pathophysiologic cascade that, over decades, leads to Alzheimer pathology and dementia.
Alzheimer disease affects both men and women; however, Plassman et al found the risk of developing Alzheimer disease to be significantly higher in women than in men, primarily due to the higher life expectancy in women compared with men.

Alzheimer disease is most prevalent in individuals older than 60 years. Some forms of familial early-onset Alzheimer disease can appear as early as the third decade, but this represents a subgroup of the less than 10% of all familial cases of Alzheimer disease.More than 90% of cases of Alzheimer disease are sporadic and occur in individuals older than 60 years.
Of interest, results of some studies of nonagenarians and centenarians suggest that the risk may decrease in individuals older than 90 years. If so, age is not an unqualified risk factor for the disease, but further study of this matter is needed...

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Natural food

The overarching intent of this survey is to improve access to quality organic and truly natural food, products and servicesWith 46 percent of consumers surveyed believing that the US government regulates the term “natural,the study concluded that the organic industry should improve education for consumers regarding the differing attributes of organic and natural in order to elevate the status of organic.
In the research study, consumers indicated that they were more likely to use “natural” than “organic” foods;Other findings from the study confirmed more confusion in the marketplace with the term “natural.” 

Common misconceptions include the belief that most vitamins come from natural sources and that “natural” means no pesticides are used.

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Aloe vera

Try to get aloe vera gel in its purest form.The brands of aloe vera juice are very nocive and should NOT be consumed. Aloe Vera contains copper, calcium, selenium, chromium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium and zinc, contains 7 enzymes,Vitamin A, C and E ,Aloe Vera offers 12 anthraquinones, Humans require 22 amino acids of which Aloe Vera provides 20,is mixed with and salicylic acid which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial affects.

Only four of aloe are useful.
Aloe vera gel-forever living products one liter -Well Forever Living's signature product, Aloe Vera Gel, is as close to the real thing (IN THE WORLD) as you can get in an aloe product.....

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Friday, May 17, 2019


You apply Toppik by simply holding the custom container over your thinning area, and shaking it gently. In seconds, thousands of tinycolor matched hair fibres will intertwine with your own hair. Charged with static electricity, they bond so securely that they will stay in place all day and night, in even the strongest wind or hardest rain.

Through a unique process, these fibres are restructured to merge undetectably with your hair. You will instantly see a fuller, more natural looking head of hair than you could ever imagine.
Toppik is an amazing new complex of tiny, microfibre"hairs" that perfectly blend with your hair. Toppik fibres are made of the same organic Keratin protein as your own hair.  No expense was spared to make this the most valuable hair product you will ever own. 
Toppik comes in an elegant, discrete molded container specially designed to dispense the fibers through 167 digitally optimized openings. 80,00 €  >>>> TOPPIK 50 GRAMS + 1 FIBERHOLD FIXING SPRAY...


Garlic health

Garlic has many wonderful properties to help maintain our health.
Data from the current study demonstrated that allicin should be further investigated as a novel cancer preventive or therapeutic agent in control of gastric cancer, with potential uses in other tumor types.
Garlic has long been considered a herbal "wonder drug", with a reputation in folklore for preventing everything from the common cold and flu to the Plague!A stronger tasting clove of garlic has more sulphur content and hence more medicinal value it's likely to have.

Raw garlic is very strong, so eating too much could produce problems, for example irritation of or even damage to the digestive tract.

Modern science has shown that garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic , albeit broad-spectrum rather than targeted.

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Depression is very common ...

Depression is very common :Some people don't really understand about depression. For example, they may react to a depressed person's low energy with criticism, yelling at the person for acting lazy or not trying harder.

Some people mistakenly believe that depression is just an attitude or a mood that a person can shake off. It's not that easy.
Sometimes friends or family members recognize that someone is depressed. They may respond with love, kindness, or support, hoping that the sadness will soon pass.
They may offer to listen if the person wants to talk. If the depressed feeling doesn't pass with a little time, friends or loved ones may encourage the person to get help from a doctor, therapist, or counselor.
But not everyone recognizes depression when it happens to someone they know.
Sometimes even people who are depressed don't take their condition seriously enough. Some people feel that they are weak in some way because they are depressed. This is wrong — and it can even be harmful if it causes people to hide their depression and avoid getting help.
Occasionally, when depression causes physical symptoms (things like headaches or other stress-related problems), a person may see a doctor. Once in a while, even a well-meaning doctor may not realize a person is depressed, and just treat the physical symptoms.

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