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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Slow the Aging Process

Getting regular physicals is important but eating right is arguable just as important as a regular check up. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber.
Be sure and drink at least 8 glasses or more of fresh water daily.
Take a daily multivitamin. Do all of these things and over time you will be well on your way to appearing younger and more full of life and vitality.

Avoid smoking at all costs! It is estimated that every cigarette you smoke takes about 5 minutes off of your life expectancy.
Smoking also seems to speed up the aging process.
Stay away from smoking if you want to have the appearance of aging slowly and beautifully. 
(You can also save yourself a lot of money not only in decreased medical costs and lower cost health insurance but also with extra spending money available).

Get outdoors and enjoy some form of exercise. Mountain hiking can serve to evitalize your appearance and boost your metabolism.
Swimming, jogging, raking leaves, pushing a lawn mower, and shoveling snow could all be forms of exercise that you can enjoy outdoors.

Almost everyone would agree that the biggest key to slowing the aging process is preventative in nature.
Little things done consistently will start to add up over time. It is never too late to start and get some kind of benefit but don’t make the mistake of delaying!

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