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Saturday, July 7, 2018


Herbs and Spices
Cress can be harvested simply by cutting the plants off with scissors when they have a few leaves. Cress is very tasty on salads , or in egg and cress sandwiches .
Anise or aniseed is a small plant related to fennel and celery .
Cloves are very strong, and you don't need much of them to flavour food. Clove oil can be used to stop sore teeth from hurting.
Chives are very easy to grow from seed, and they can also grow new chives by digging up a clump and splitting off the smaller side bulbs. There are different varieties of chives, one of the most useful being garlic chives, which have leaves and flowers with a strong garlic flavour.
The chili is very hot , and when you eat one it feels like your mouth is burning.
Sweet basil is used in Italian food and Thai basil is used in Asian food.Basil has a sweet, strong smell. Basil likes to grow in hot, dry conditions and does not tolerate frost at all.

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