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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Part of the forum cellulitis

My blood pressure went so low it was frightening. Apparently the combination of antibiotics and painkillers do not suit me. My medication has been changed and I see my GP on Friday. My leg is still very painful, swollen and red.
You have to be so careful not to injure or scratch your lower leg/foot as it is so prone to going into cellulitis. Prevention definitely the best option but sometimes despite care, injuries happen. I have an allotment and in all this hot weather I am very conscious of sharp sticks, plant labels, stinging nettles, biting insects and any number of other hazards just waiting to attack my legs!!
Or,no good keep getting up and walking around as that sets it off again and delays healing...
My GP has given me a box of antibiotics as an emergency supply and told me to go back next week if it has not cleared completely.Friends and family have been. Very supportive. I'm very lucky...


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