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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Natural origin

Natural Origin's key objective is to develop safe and effective natural products. All our products are created from natural ingredients, plant extracts and essential oils. We target on products that come in contact with human skin, pets and nature on a daily basis. Most household and personal care products nowadays are laden with harmful chemicals, artificial colorings and fragrances. With prolonged exposure, these chemicals cause health problems to human, became toxic to animals and harm our Earth. Therefore, Natural Origin’s focus and philosophy is to produce and sell products that are safe to you and your family, your pets and Earth.
Natural Origin uses only renewable resources to supply our processes and packaging. Part of the value of the Natural Origin range of products is utilisation of recycled products previously identified as waste streams and extracts the value from each resource for the benefit of our environment preservation.
Multiple factors contribute to Natural Origin's reputation for excellence. Natural ingredients require meticulous management, from controlling the selection of raw material through to the final details of export shipment. Customer service begins before the first purchase with high levels of information exchange to establish the customers' needs both for their product and market access. Natural Origin oversees each step of delivering a high quality product to the customer with the integrity of the product intact.

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