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Monday, October 23, 2017

Safe, effective, natural remedies for menopause

Following is a description of top herbal remedies for menopause but first a brief, straightforward

explanation of menopause.

Blue cohosh good for hot flashes.
Valerian relieves nervous tension & insomnia.
Red clover helps to relieve abdominal pain.
Sarsparilla helps restore sex drive.
Lemon balm promotes stable mood and feelings of well-being & so is one of the sought after herbal remedies menopause.

Red raspberry, a most delicious of the herbal remedies menopause, beneficial for many female problems, should be taken as tea, 2 cups daily.
Pasque flower soothing, supportive herbal remedy for menopause eases pains connected to the female reproductive system

Nettle increases urination and alleviates blurred vision....
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